Volta oil Headquarters

Volta Oil Corporate Office:

1 Roberts Road
Plymouth, MA 02360
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(if using GPS, use 235 South Meadow Road, Plymouth, MA 02360)

Phone (toll-free): 1-800-894-1300
Phone: 508-746-1341
Fax: 508-747-3658
Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00-5:00pm

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Volta Oil & Rapid Refill
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Staff Directory

Name Title Email Phone
Ben Bolen Director of Operations bbolen@voltaoil.com 774-404-7067
Bill Clermont Sales Manager bclermont@voltaoil.com 774-404-7066
Karin Cookson Chief Financial Officer kcookson@voltaoil.com 774-404-7062
Monica Swanson Staff Accountant mswanson@voltaoil.com 774-404-7059
Nicole DeBerry Staff Accountant Supervisor ndeberry@voltaoil.com 774-404-7060
Nicole Donovan HR/Admin Coordinator ndonovan@voltaoil.com 774-404-7065
Jim Garrett Chairman jgarrett@voltaoil.com 774-404-7057
Peter Garrett President pgarrett@voltaoil.com 774-404-7056
Stephen Garrett Vice President sgarrett@voltaoil.com 774-404-7068
Jeff Hobin Director of Information Technology jhobin@voltaoil.com 774-404-7053
Meaghan Jacobs Director of Innovation & Special Projects mjacobs@voltaoil.com 774-404-7055
Erin MacDonald Accounts Payable Specialist emacdonald@voltaoil.com 774-404-7064
Patty MacDonald Human Resources Director pmacdonald@voltaoil.com 774-404-7058
Amanda Remie Project & Administrative Coordinator aremie@voltaoil.com 774-404-7054
Gwen Forman Vice President of Marketing gforman@voltaoil.com 774-404-7064
Don Mack Report Writer / Business Analyst dmack@voltaoil.com 774-404-7071