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Volta Fleet Card (CFN)

The Volta Fleet Card offers access to over 50,000 fueling locations through commercial fueling network sites in the US and Canada. With your Volta Fleet Card, you can access quality products 24-hours a day at conveniently located fueling sites that are designed for commercial fleets. But our service doesn’t stop at the pump. Volta Fleet offers unsurpassed technology-complete fuel management, enhanced security features, and much more.

With Volta Fleet, you can realize cost and time savings when your drivers use the Volta Fleet Card at multiple service stations, card locks, truck stops, and convenience stores throughout the country. Volta Fleet can document all of your fleet purchases, by driver and vehicle, through a comprehensive online reporting system. This information can be viewed real time over the CFN net. CFN Card Watch can provide fleet managers with exception reporting and alerts to their cellphones or computers.  Let Volta Fleet Card get a handle on your fueling costs.

Technological Leader

How does technology play a role in fueling? Simple. It allows you to run your fleet more efficiently. Volta Fleet’s progressive technology includes mag stripe cards, Internet capabilities and Windows-driven software. You set the limits for your fleet. You determine the time of day and days of the week that your drivers fuel. Set the amount of transactions per day and product limits that meet your fueling requirements.

Real Time Information

Volta Fleet works with real time information that allows you to determine where your vehicle has just fueled. Immediate lockout of cards requires a simple keystroke, thereby reducing—if not eliminating—the misappropriation of fuel usage. Through Card Watch, you can track fueling right from your cell phone or computer.

Controls with Flexibility

With Volta Fleet, you set the controls. But what if you’ve restricted a driver from fueling after five and you need to extend the time? Just give us a call and the profile or card status will be updated before you even hang up the phone. There is no need to invalidate and wait for re-issue. The card stays where you need it…in the driver’s hand.

Total Fuel Management

We offer detailed invoices, including card number, driver, date, type, amount of fuel purchased, and even odometer and individual vehicle numbers. Want that information now? With real time information, it’s just a phone call or click away. We’re here to offer you solutions to your fueling requirements. Just think of the time and administrative costs you will save.

Features and Benefits

  • No monthly fees or charges for the cards or fleet management reports
  • Volume and payment discounts available
  • Receive convenient bi-monthly or monthly invoicing for all purchases
  • Eliminate multiple charge cards and reduce cash handling
  • Maximize security with confidential PIN numbers and cards for each driver and/or vehicle
  • Electronically verify every transaction, in real time over a secure website
  • Customized reports including fuel cost per mile – current and previous months
  • Customized reports available to fleet managers over the web
  • Customized reports include gallons/fuel cost/total merchandise amount/total dollar amount/total miles/average miles per gallon/cost per mile
  • Volta Fleet card includes advanced security controls that prevent unauthorized purchases
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payment options available

For more information, please call us at 800-894-1300 and ask for Volta Fleet Card.